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Chamber Project Saint Louis

September 9, 2011

{complimentary wine to begin a musical evening}

On Thursday evening, I had the lucky fortune of attending the first concert of the season for Chamber Project Saint Louis. I was invited by my new friend (and violinist for the group), Hannah Frey, to come see for myself the amazing work they do. $12 got me in, with two drink tickets and a seat of my choosing for the concert.

Chamber Project Saint Louis, according to their mission statement, embraces the communicative and collaborative nature of chamber music to create interactive performances reflecting a 21st-century audience, and to create partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional venues, all types of artists, institutions, and the community.

Held at the beautiful Chapel Venue near Forest Park, the concert’s main theme surrounded “Folk Freedom.”  What does freedom sound like? Seven musicians take the stage to bring you the folk inspired sounds of Golijov, Britten and Prokofiev.

{Quintet Op. 39 by Prokofiev}

Their set included four pieces: Lullaby and Doina by Golijov, Lookout! by Robert Dick, Phantasy Quartet, Op. 2 by Britten, and Quintet Op. 39 by Prokofiev. Each piece expressed freedom in a different way.

My favorite of the four was the first piece, Lullaby. It had a gypsy feel that seemed to mesmerize the audience. By far, the most unique piece was composed by Robert Dick entitled Lookout!. A song based on the sound of Jimi Hendrix’s whammy bar, the piece was so crazy, I had no idea that a flute could sound like it did. I would’ve loved to have seen the musical notation for it.

{Dr. Jennifer Garley playing Lookout!}

As a former clarinet player and tot violinist, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It was so inspiring to see such dedicated instrumentalists playing music for an audience for the pure love of it. I caught myself watching each of the members play and literally feel the music as it came through them and their instruments.

This was the first of nine concerts for the Chamber Project Saint Louis season. I know I’m already looking forward to seeing their work again in the coming months. Truly a great musical outlet for the city of Saint Louis.

To find out more information and concert dates you can visit their website: Chamber Project Saint Louis. You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Keep craving what you love —

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  1. September 9, 2011 10:36 am

    We are so glad you enjoyed yourself, and thanks for the wonderful post!


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