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Orchard to Oven

October 21, 2011

{apple ginger pie with a crumb top}

I love baking. It makes me happy. ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’ can be heard two houses down while I add wayyyy more cinnamon than the recipe calls for. If I’m ever in a mood I can’t shake, I pre-heat the oven and get out the Kitchen Aid. Some people in my life know this all too well, having experienced enough of my sweets to put them in a sugar induced coma. Having been in a pretty swell mood lately, I’ve been slacking on the baking. Until a friend mentioned he wanted an apple pie. I made a deal: take me apple picking & I’ll make a pie (recipe here).

{apple orchard}

{golden delicious}

{eating while picking}

{prepping for pie}

{layering the apples}

{mini pie}

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