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November 11, 2011

As I’m gearing up for Thanksgiving – i’m cooking my first solo meal, yikes – i’ve been thinking about things that i’m really grateful for. Of course my wild family and witty friends top the list, but I also like to consider the little things that make me smile everyday.

Such things include:

going through old pictures.

fresh flowers.

inspiration striking.

rootbeer shakes.

calls from far-away friends.

photo booths.

warm drinks, occasionally spiked with whiskey.

E, who answers the phone eight times a day to hear me spout off about something i’d like to make.

sending snail mail.

words like rendezvous & unequivocal.

the smell of a bonfire.

party games.

charming people.


dainty jewelry.

my cozy bed.

Practice some gratitude, leave us your list!

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