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new year resolutions: disconnecting (+ list making)

January 2, 2012

{keep track of all your days in 2012 with this fantastic watercolor calendar}

2011 was a really good year. I met fantastic people, I had great adventures (here, here, and here), I ate really delicious food (this and this). Maddie and I started City in a Jar, and have been tremendously busy since.

The effort to keep up with all of the tweets, comments, emails, posts, and people in general has kept me attached to electronic devices. I love staying connected – as a social person, it’s great for me. But sometimes I need to take a step back and breathe so I don’t become overwhelmed.

In 2012, I resolve to find a balance between doing everything and doing nothing for my own well being.

This article highlights a few disconnection strategies I plan to put into practice this year.


That’s not all folks… I’ve also decided to make a list (because I live for list making…) of all sorts of things for 2012.

go// ________________

watch// ________________

do// ________________

make// ________________

see// ________________

try// ________________

learn// ________________

read// ________________

cook + bake// ________________

be// ________________

As I fill in the blanks for each category, I encourage you to make a list or maybe a manifesto like this one, or perhaps a month by month collection of resolutions like these! What ever you resolve to do this year, I wish you the best.

For Auld Lang Syne.

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  1. January 3, 2012 5:02 pm

    I like the list idea 🙂


  1. let’s go running « City In A Jar

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