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iconic women // Frida Kahlo

March 21, 2012

Maria Copello as Frida Kahlo.

As soon as the girls invited me to be a part of this project, Frida Khalo popped into my head. Her work, her life, her style, everything about her inspires me, and the fact that she was the most celebrated Latin-American female painter of her time, empowers me even more.
Her paintings were infused with passion and vibrant colors, but her life was no fairy-tale.  Her struggles and sufferings shaped her into the avant-garde painter she became. Frida took all the challenges that life handed to her, and transformed them into art.
Frida serves as a  role model for all creative women around the world, she teaches us to be strong, confident, and true to ourselves no matter what life troughs at us. Most important she encourages us to follow our dreams and fight to transform them into reality.

Special thanks, again, goes to Holly and Felisa from ProColour Salon for transforming us into these women, and to Blake Fehl for being our brilliant photographer.


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