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A Woman Abroad // London

July 18, 2012

I am stoked to welcome my friend Kelsey to City in a Jar as a contributing writer. To find out more about her and the column, A Woman Abroad, see here.

by Kelsey.

London. The Olympics. Etc.

Should you find yourself to be one of the lucky thousands in London during the Olympics this summer there’s a good chance you’ll need a break for the sporting life. Serenity will be sparse so pack your day bag and hit the town.

Travel tip #238 – Expect to get lost; wondering is wandering.

Go see a comedy show. London is comedy mecca and comedians are often friendly and like to talk so you’ll have the inside scoop before you even knew what you wanted to order.

Jester Jesters at the Plum Tree.

Look closer. When you’re not avoiding running into the passer-bys. Camden Market has all the tourist goodies and even a few gems.

The main attractions are worth the look but keep on walking.

In Decemember 2010 I had a checklist with a lot of boxes unchecked so I set out to see what I hadn’t. Then all of a sudden a few hundred Santa’s showed up and Trafalgar Square turned into a sea of red and weird. It was one of the highlights of my entire 5 months in London-Town. I doubt there’ll be a Santacon during the Olympics but it just proves you never know quite what you’ll run into.

Another market, yes but unlike the others. Borough is about food and lots of it. Have lunch or buy your groceries.

On Sunday mornings a corner of Hyde Park turns into a soapbox. Speak your mind if you feel so inclined or stroll around and listen to the prophecies of the impractical, the religious, the bored and the strange. This event is a people-watchers dream come true.

Take an inner-city hike. At the edge of Regent’s Park towers Primrose Hill, the highest point in London. If the sky is clear you can see the whole skyline and it won’t set you back the $30 the London Eye will.

London is a city you can take at surface level and thoroughly enjoy but I encourage you to get lost in it.

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