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Twenty-Five Things

August 17, 2012

…that twenty-five dollars can’t buy you.

1. A tank of gas
2. A weeks worth of large lattes
3. A night out in Clayton
4. A mani/pedi
5. Monthly phone bill
6. A ticket to Regina Spektor at the pageant (but I’ll pay anyway)
7. A good pair of jeans
8. The tax on an airplane ticket
9. A monthly metro pass
10. Two dozen bagels for the office
11. Anything from Lululemon
12. A monthly membership to (not that I was looking or anything…)
13. A day pass to six flags
14. A lobster dinner (except during Downtown Restaurant Week!)
15. A day trip to a winery
16. A day trip anywhere
17. A fifteen minute errand to Target
18. A college textbook
19. Registration for a half marathon (who the heck pays to run?!)
20. The Fifty Shades of Grey series
21. A wedding gift
22. A tube of Nars lipstick in Vesuvio Red
23. A new passport
24. Anything at REI (…sucks to be outdoorsy)
25. A salon haircut

But, $25 CAN get you a three course meal at 20 participating restaurants in St. Louis, for an entire week starting next Monday. As a girl with an immense love of food – and supporting local – you can bet I’ll be dining out next week!

This post was sponsored by Downtown Restaurant Week St. Louis.

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