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A Woman Abroad // Get Lost

September 12, 2012

By Kelsey.

Advice that’s not asked for can come across as a lecture. So when it comes to traveling or as I like to call it “going and doing” I’d like to offer some travel suggestions.

First and foremost never, ever, under any circumstances walk on a slippery surface with your hands in your pockets. Because when you slip and fall you’ll need your hands at the ready.


Prague, Czech Republic where I decided to climb a snow embankment to “get that shot” and fell flat on my face.

Also, Get lost all the time.

I am embarrassed by maps and to add to that I refuse to drop the dime to pick up a fancy international GPS device. Plus every moment I spend trying to find north on Google Maps in correspondence with my current position is a moment I’m not taking in my surroundings. Allowing yourself to get lost though does debunk the childhood motto; Never talk to strangers. Your all grown up now and you’re lost. It’s okay. Breathe in and ask for directions.


Ljublana, Slovenia where I got lost and found a squatters “village” and the most fascinating street art work I have ever seen. This place would inspire Banksy.


Plus not only are you taking an advantage of a locals know-how, it’s a conversation starter. Sure it pegs you as a tourist but that’s what you are.  Deal with it. I own a fanny pack and by now you are aware of how many pictures I take. I suppose what I am getting at is this; Traveling is about contradictions. It’s about being certain and comfortable in your ways and actions only to discover “fanny” means something entirely different in British/Irish slang.


Dublin, Ireland where a local suggested St. Stephen’s Green and the girls and I stumbled on and indulged in a photo session with quite a strange chair.

The best part of getting lost as a solo traveler is knowing it isn’t anyone’s responsibility but your own. If you walk a mile in the wrong direction, there’s nobody to nag and say I told you so!


Healy, Alaska where I walked a few miles and wound up at the beginning of the Stampede Trail, where Alexander Supertramp began his trek into the Wild. (Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer)

Ask for directions.

All this being said, my getting lost has always been in a city which means there are people around. As for the wild, I would not endorse asking a bear which direction is North. Remember the sun rises in the East and sets in the West so if all all else fails and you find yourself alone just look up. And if you’re lost at night, you’re on your own on that one. I’ve never been one for astrology with the exception that I sure do know those stars and moon are pretty.


Istanbul, Turkey.

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  1. September 12, 2012 5:27 pm

    “Getting lost is the best way to get somewhere you’ve never been.”
    I strongly endorse this proposal as well!


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