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okay, let’s do this.

January 27, 2014

Okay Lets Do This

Whoops. It might look like I let the entire holiday season slip right past me. I didn’t post once about traditions or putting up a tree – which is still sitting in my loft, and at this point has just become another house plant. We didn’t celebrate New Years together by making resolutions most of us have by now, late in January, ¬†probably forgotten.

It may seem (due to lack of posting here) that I fell off the planet in the last few months. But alas, I have not! I prefer to think of it as hibernation. I danced with friends, caught up with oh-so-wonderful family, and snagged Grandpa’s 1987 four point buck in the Obermark gift exchange.

I even skipped the whole “fresh start” January thing. I just wasn’t ready. There were still too many pies to be eaten and hot toddys to be sipped. But now, as February nears i’m ready to kick half-marathon training into full gear, practice yoga consistently, maybe open one of the books that are collecting dust on my shelf, and share lots of excellent content with you!

So whaddya say, join me in a late start to the “New Year”?

Okay, let’s do this.

*Photo by @loveleesie – a must follow Instagram account!

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