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turning a resolution into good habits.

July 28, 2014

Athlete Eats STL

I’m sort of monumentally bad at sticking to resolutions. By day three of that time I resolved to stop drinking coffee, I was daydreaming of iced lattes, which led straight to the consumption of an iced latte. I was going to drink more water everyday, but by day 7 I was annoyed by how many times I had to get up and pee. When ALIVE Magazine launched the health and fitness issue in July, along with Be Well STL, and the #31DaysOfMovement challenge, I thought i’d give those pesky resolutions another shot. If only because I work at ALIVE and you know, team spirit and stuff.

Method of attack: trick my brain into thinking of it as a more active lifestyle, paired with better food (bye taco bell drive thru) and less like a resolution to exercise. I added Southtown Yoga into my list of things to do at least once a week, i’ve been riding my bike to work every day, and get up early to go on occasional runs. The hardest thing is making time for all the activity. Having a support system in place was pretty clutch. Lisa and Elise are training for the Chicago Marathon (you go, ladies!), and early morning runs are easier when done with Elise.

As for the healthier eating…i’ve been all about places like Athlete Eats. Local, tasty, and healthy. It’s a trifecta for good food (and drinks!). It’s hard to pick a favorite smoothie or juice, but the Berry Blast has been leading the charge lately. Stop by Cherokee street and sip on one yourself.

Athlete Eats STL

Athlete Eats STL

Athlete Eats STL

This #31DaysOfMovement thing has been working out for me. And though the 31 days are coming to a fast end, the change in habits is not. Every time I finish a run or walk out of a yoga session, I feel amazing! I think Elle Woods said it best…”Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t kill their husbands.”

[All photos by Abby Gillardi.]

I teamed up with ALIVE Magazine to bring you this post. Thank you for supporting the people that make City in a Jar possible! 

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  1. Rebecca | Seven2Seven8 permalink
    July 29, 2014 9:22 am

    I’m so pleased to read you are riding to and from work. The weather has been great this summer for riding, but I am not a fan of my commute in the county, so this year I’ve been riding recreationally more than as an alternative to driving, which is a bit of a bummer. Then again, I’ve met a handful of amazing bike friends in the past several months, so that’s pretty fantastic.

    I recently celebrated a birthday and received a Misfit Shine (Fitbit alternative) which has encouraged me to be *just a little* more active. I selected the Shine because it also tracks cycling and swimming, and because it quite handily inspires me through a little circle of lights that shows me (after a double-tap) how close I am to my goal. I have been walking around the park to go pick up my food for lunch, or doing a little extra housework just to snag those few extra activity points to make goal most days. And in the near-month I’ve used it, I think I’ve only missed goal twice. I am even thinking about joining a gym again.

    Modern life encourages (if it doesn’t out right demand) us to be sedentary. It’s imperative that we push against that and get out there and move.


  2. Melissa @ HerGreenLife permalink
    July 30, 2014 3:14 pm

    So happy to hear about all of your healthy lifestyle changes, but especially the biking to work 🙂 Would love it if you’re able to check out a CyclingSavvy course sometime.

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