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wearable art: a look at Grace Kubilius’ work

November 14, 2014

Grace Kubilius 2

New to St. Louis by way of Chicago, Grace Kubilius is the current fiber artist-in-residence at Craft Alliance Center for Art +Design, which is where I first stumbled upon her work back in September. It was love at first sight. Made mostly from found and up-cycled materials, and inspired by poems written by summer camp students, Grace’s collection “Oh How I Love You” blurs the lines between art and fashion. In an effort to push the work a little further into the wearable category, Grace and I styled her pieces for everyday wear. Beyond a love of her work (especially those wood block + rope necklaces!), i’m lucky to call Grace a friend. With OUTKAST blaring in the studio and Jeff behind the camera, we managed to capture exactly what we set out to (complete with dance moves that would put Elaine to shame).


Grace Kubilius 5

Grace Kubilius 3

Grace Kubilius 4

Grace Kubilius 1

Do you have a favorite piece in the collection? I’m pretty partial to the canvas tops, and will forever covet the “Oh How I Love You” wool piece. You can check out Grace’s work at Craft Alliance Center for Art + Design, located in the Kranzberg Arts Center.

[All photos + video by Jeff Daniels.]

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